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These hair care products are designed for the entire family to groom your hair for healthiness.  

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Beatrice Luxurious Lipstick
Beatrice Luxurious Lipstick
Beatrice Luxurious Lipstick

Beatrice Luxurious Lipstick

long lasting luxurious lipstick. can be worn with lipgloss, lip liner, or all by itself

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Whether you are looking for products or classes, it's all about STAYING UP &  STAYING CURRENT with your beauty needs and your beauty education! 

Amanda Manigault's Beauty Store has a goal to help your life "keep moving" regardless to what your situation may be. COVID-19 was the perfect example while we must STAY READY!  not "get ready" Our products are designed to do just that... KEEP YOU READY!

No matter where you are, who you are, what area you fit with beauty, we want to provide you with custom products that help you look & feel more beautiful quick, fast & in a hurry! Our products are designed for the entire family.

Our training classes are designed to help build beauty professionals and salons that are RISING! We offer classes online, virtual and through live sessions.

Bottom line we want to help you be GREAT in every area of your life! We're convinced that TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE... 

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GET YOUR HAIR BACK Conditioning Treatment!

This treatment was created by Amanda. She discovered the key ingredients that contributes to hair growth. She has added these ingredients in this product to help restore, replenish and rebuild damaged hair. This treatment is good for all types of hair, regardless of gender, race or hair texture, natural or chemically treated hair. It's also designed for dry scalp, and fine hair textures. It's especially designed for color treated hair, damaged and weak hair. If you're wearing weaves, braids, wigs, etc... Recommended use is every other week.  However, you should be using this treatment no less than once per month. Everyone should receive deep penetrating treatments at least once per month.  This treatment is the best on the market!!



As an entrepreneur for over 40 years Amanda believes in having God's Blessings and Protection over her everywhere she goes.  She's managed to survive in this industry because she TRUST'S GOD and she wants to share her secret with you! This consecrated oil is a MUST HAVE!  Bless your home, Bless your business, Bless your job, Bless your car, Bless your kids, Bless EVERYTHING...  Just don't leave home without it.  It will surely keep you protected. Comes in small & large sizes. 


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