WHO IS Amanda Manigault?

WHO IS Amanda Manigault?
Have you ever wondered if there is MORE for you to do in life?
That there’s something BIG out there waiting for you or you have something burning inside of you to inspire and make an impact? You see I started doing hair on my front porch when I was 11 years old.  Since that time I have been an entrepreneur in the beauty industry.  After graduating from high school my mother told me that I needed to get a "REAL JOB" with benefits;  I was a teenage parent and I needed security for him.  I tried it... And even during that time I still operated my own business part-time and continued to attend beauty school.   I did all three for about five years until I graduated from Beauty School.  Then I decided my security would be what, I WANTED IT TO BE... That I'm a true ENTREPRENEUR and that's all I want to dedicate my life to.  I quit my full-time job at Hershey Foods & The U.S. Postal Service and opened my first beauty salon in a physical building 1991.  Since that time "I've NEVER LOOKED BACK! I've been in the beauty business and worked as a community activist ever since.  I became a licensed cosmetologist, cosmetology teacher,  beauty school owner and beauty school evaluator.  Currently, I sill hold all those roles. I'm an Author, Beauty Consultant and Beauty Influencer.
(www.amandamanigault.com) (www.amandasbeautyschools.com)

But back in 2009  my life took a U-TURN and everything fell apart.  I lost my father, my best friend.  I ended up in divorce court, closed my physical business,  and lost everything I had!  I was in a dark place, and had fell to the lowest of lows...  But the little strength that I had I was able to connect with my Lord and Savior and I called on Him and asked him to give me DIRECTION because I didn't know which way to turn.  In fact, I started writing everything down and out came my very first book.  That's how I became the Author of "LIVING ON EDGE! while trying to make it to the top."  I wrote, I thought, I meditated, I wrote some more, I thought some more, I read books, I meditated some more.  During this time of my life I even became an ordained minister. (www.manigaultministries.org)   I started working from home with my ministry as well as I put a salon in my home to keep money rolling until I put all the pieces together. I never left the beauty industry.  At times, I felt DEAD! Yet I knew I was ALIVE!  I felt like I was able to look at my life as an OUTSIDER and see myself inside/out...  I began to evaluate myself and assess my future.  I also started doing online classes, workshops, events, business conferences and public speaking.  I created my first hair care product and blessing oil.  And I built my very first online store. My ENTREPRENEURIAL side always gave me STRENGTH.  Again, just to keep money rolling... At the time, I didn't realize that I was preparing for my new life assignment that would one day become the "New Normal" One thing I discovered during this time of transformation was that I enjoyed the freedom I had.  As a beauty school evaluator I started meeting new people and traveling all over the country; Through my business conferences and public speaking I started making new connections I never would have made inside the salon  and I really started to enjoy the world.  You see I had realized that all my years of working as an entrepreneur in the salon had me in a box... Although I was self employed, I was tied down with no real plan for financial freedom and the plan to live the life I've always dreamed of.  I was working day in and day out, making good money with no real foundation.  I was working around the clock non-stop!  My kids grew up in the salon business!  We had dinner in the salon, we spent most holidays in the salon and most of the time when I had a day off, I was in the salon or home catching up on sleep because I was dead tired...  

But one day, during my transformation time, something triggered!  I realized that the life I want is FREEDOM!  PEACE! TRANQUILITY!  HAPPINESS! LAUGHTER, TRAVELLING, GOING TO BEACHES, SPENDING TIME WITH LOVE ONES and PLENTY OF MONEY to live the life I deserve.  The life I always dreamed of having... I want to do the work that I'm passionate about that will allow me the freedom to experience the world, and I know there are many others that want to do the same thing... And although I love being an entrepreneur, I knew that I didn't want the feeling of being TIED DOWN, TIRED and BURNT OUT from the long, hard hours I use to  put in from day-to-day.  I began to start doing my research.  And I decided I  wouldn't open another physical business until I discovered the secrets to success without working hard.  I want to work smart, build my business, create success and live the lifestyle that I always dreamed I would have.  I knew the time was NOW!!  

I looked over my resume and realized that everything I needed was right there.  All my stories, my many years of entrepreneurial experience, the good years, the training, the struggling years, all my trials, all the holes and ditches I stepped in, the mountains I had to climb, all the hard long working hours, raising the kids, being a mother, daughter, sister, friend and business owner was all to bring me RIGHT HERE... RIGHT NOW! I realize there are soooo many other people that are operating their own business who walked away because it was weighing them down.  I realized that there were so many other entrepreneurs who are still open and hanging on with pins and needles trying to keep their doors open, barely making ends meet from week to week.  There are so many entrepreneurs just like I was...  who need encouragement, motivation and need the recipe to pick up the pieces and keep going.  They need to know what to do to stay in business or open a new business.  They too look back and remember all the dreams and goals they had when they first opened their businesses, and now they're not knowing if they'll still be open tomorrow... They're sad because the life they desired to live have not come to pass yet... They're in business, but not mastered how to live a free life and still do what they love to do. MOST ARE GIVING UP!  You see I discovered that my journey had just SHIFTED!  And the book that I wrote was not for me, but for others to be saved through all my trials,  tribulations and wonderful experiences of entrepreneurship.  

Through all the training in the salons and schools, in different states and around the world... online classes, workshops, conferences and networking ... You see, through my research I realized that I was on to something... That my 40 years of being an entrepreneur was truly a tough, but AMAZING experience.  Because anything worth having is worth working hard for!  And the experience that I gained (the good and the bad) and all the hard work I put in, is so valuable to helping others...  You see I was given a new assignment to reach out and touch people through my online coaching, consulting, workshops, schools, salons, seminars and events.  I BREED ENTREPRENEURSHIP!  I'M PASSIONATE ABOUT BEAUTY! My goal in my new life, is to help others build their million $$$ salon businesses... Because I believe that most of us who have been in business for over ten years have already counted well over a million $$$$ several times...  So I took a vowel that my next million will stay with ME!  And I will help others keep their next million $$$ as well!! by teaching them my many step-by-step strategies that I have developed for owning, building, managing and marketing your own business.  I have created a plan for how to take your passion and make millions....  

Here I am, over 40 years later, I’m passionate about helping you build your million $$$$ salon business. It's my quest to help you avoid some of the mistakes I made, but more importantly, I’m more inspired about helping you create a business that supports the freedom and amazing lifestyle that you've always dreamed of.  Through my many years of entrepreneurship I'm overqualified for the job!  But I vowel to give it my all to help you CREATE SUCCESS and build a LIFESTYLE YOU'VE ALWAYS DREAMED OF!   If you hang with me, you’ll have access to a great amount of training here on my site and I’m excited to hear your success story!

The Amanda Manigault Co. is a unique global Consulting & Marketing Firm in vision and reach.  Our goal is to help consult and market beauty/barber professionals.  We want to help you grow your business to the highest level it could possibly reach.  It's our quest to help make your dreams come true!  We specialize in utilizing the Internet,  Television, Radio, Talk Shows, Literature, Public Speaking, Workshops, Seminars and special events as our primary vehicles of  communication.   Our main purpose is to connect businesses with businesses by providing memberships, events, networking,  advertising & promotions, as well as provide partnership​ and sponsorship opportunities.   ​We  are dedicated to helping others discover their true purpose in life and then turning your thoughts into small businesses and then into million $$$$ organizations by ​helping to develop business systems that will achieve growth brick by brick.  We provide virtual mentoring, online business, low-cost workshops and business subscriptions.  CONNECT WITH AMANDA TODAY!

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